Refugee crisis – How can I help?

In Greece and mainland Europe we are experiencing the largest humanitarian crisis since the 2nd World War. The difference is that most governments are either not responding or are responding with such a small and inefficient effort that the slack is being taken up by compassionate independant volunteers. The amount of coverage in the media is shamefully low and of poor quality, so we have collected a bunch of resources and information to help people see what is occurring and to show ways that we can help. Below is a collection of links to these organisations, please feel free to add comments or questions and to share share share!

Here’s a masterpost of groups and organisations on the ground throughout Europe doing amazing work to help with the largest humanitarian crisis since the 2nd world war. (I’ll add and update as I collect more, please feel free to add in the comments):
New website with very detailed info on all the groups across the greek islands – how to volunteer, who to talk to etc.
New pro group working with charities, NGO’s and smaller indy groups as well as organising fundraising and sponsorship.
***Coordinating aid efforts on the ground in Leros, and getting aid there from the UK – one of the best collections of info about all the islands ***
Portsmouth based campaign to deliver aid and support, without prejudice or judgement, to those most in need.
Practical knowledge and information about aid needs, logistics, plus latest updates on the refugee crisis in Southern Europe and South Eastern Europe.
A group to help the camp at calais sort out its waste and sanitation problem
Grassroots giving movement supporting refugees in Calais and Europe
Supplying and distributing baby carriers to refugees across europe
Coordinating and collating aid gathered in the UK for distribution by container to europe, inc Greece.
USA based org gathering baby slings and baby things for the syrian refugee crisis
Lancaster based volunteers to provide support/man power and aid to those living in the camp at calais.
Custom Google Map with crowdsourced information on the current refugee crisis.
Good general resource on the Syrian refugee crisis
Created for volunteers to have support via posting experiences they need to share
‘At-Cost’ shipping for charity organisations and donors in response to the Refugee & Migrant Crisis.
Baby carriers etc for refugees based in europe
lift shares
volunteer coordination in Lesvos–6#/
fundraiser to help support the volunteers and help aid money go further
Medical volunteers support and organisation

Refugee crisis Aid packs.

While regular donations of clothes and supplies is extremely important, a specific need for ‘grab packs’ has been recognised by volunteers on the ground. We are working with a number of groups to feed in the items they need as quickly as possible. WE are concentrating on children’s packs for now, but please do feel free to extrapolate and put together an adult pack if you wish.
Please either bring completed packs, or items for us to add to a pack.


This will enable volunteers to get these children warm and dry as wet clothing would have to be removed.
Each pack can be placed inside a clear ( you may need larger if bigger than 3-4 years size) self adhesive mailing bag to ensure items do not get wet but volunteers are able to see the contents. We also clearly label size and contents and pack the first items you would change into ( underwear, vest,socks/tights) to the front and the last items to the back (coat, hat,gloves) so that volunteers can assist quickly.
This particular pack is age 2-3 so have included a pair of disposable training pants as young children will often have accidents especially when they are scared or traumatised/bereaved. It would be counterproductive to not include these as the child would be in wet clothing again before the others had chance to dry.

This pack contains

2x underwear
1x training pants
1x socks
1x tights
1x vest
1x top
1x bottoms
1x hooded jumper
1x waterproof jacket
1x waterproof trousers
1x hat
1x gloves.

When preparing packs please make sure that everything is the same size and that it is clearly labelled on the outside with the age and whether it is unisex or male/female. Please only put good quality clothing that you would think suitable for this time of year, based on being outside all the time.

If you want to see other ways to help, please visit our facebook page or website for a list of groups and charities. Thank you so much!